August 20, 2023

Searching for an inmate in Etowah County Detention Center in Gadsden, AL? Whether you’re looking to find current inmates, mugshots, or specific information about someone in custody, this guide will provide you with all the necessary details. From the location of the detention center to various methods of obtaining inmate information, we’ve got you covered.

Location and Contact Details

Address: The Etowah County Detention Center is strategically situated at 827 Forrest Avenue, Gadsden, Alabama. The facility’s ZIP code is 35901, making it easily accessible for visitors and those looking to gather information.

Contact Information: For inquiries related to inmates or jail visitation, you can reach out to the detention center by calling (256) 546-2825. The staff is available to assist you with your needs.

Gathering information about an inmate in Etowah County is a straightforward process. You can either do it by phone or online. Here’s how:

Requests by Phone

Etowah County Detention Center Phone Number: (256) 546-2825

If you prefer to make a phone inquiry, you can call the above number to find out an inmate’s custody status. Make sure to have the inmate’s full name or booking number handy for the request.

Online Search

For those who prefer online searches, the Etowah County jail roster is a valuable resource. You can find current inmates by using the roster below. If the Etowah County inmate roster is not available, click here.

The Etowah County Detention Center in Gadsden, AL, offers various methods to search for current inmates, mugshots, and other related information. Whether you choose to call or search online, the process is user-friendly and efficient.

Remember, the key to a successful search is having the correct inmate’s full name or booking number. With this information, you can quickly and easily find what you need.

For more information or assistance, don’t hesitate to contact the Etowah County Detention Center at (256) 546-2825. The dedicated staff is there to help you with all your inquiries.