August 20, 2023

The Darlington County Detention Center provides a seamless way to search for current inmates. Whether you’re a family member, friend, or legal representative, this guide will assist you in finding out if someone is housed in the Darlington County Detention Center in Darlington, South Carolina.

Location and Contact Information

The Darlington County Detention Center is strategically situated at 2349 Rogers Road, Darlington, South Carolina. The postal ZIP code for this facility is 29532. If you need specific inmate information or wish to schedule a jail visitation, you can reach out to the center via phone at (843) 398-4220.

Services Offered

The Darlington County Detention Center offers various services to inmates and their families, including but not limited to:

  • Inmate Search Services: Easily find out if someone is currently detained in the facility.
  • Visitation Rights: Guidelines and scheduling for visiting inmates.
  • Legal Assistance: Information for legal representatives working with inmates.