4 Tips to Approach a Girl You Don’t Know In College

So you got into a good college and you see that there are thousands of attractive young women just going about their day at your college campus. You can’t help but think about a way to talk to them and maybe go on a date with them. See if there is a spark between you guys and hopefully that leads to something more.

But you just cannot figure out a way to get past that first step that is approach that cute girl. You are nervous about it because what if you do something wrong. What if approaching her gets you in trouble and so on?

I will cover all of that in this post and also give you 4 tips that any guy can follow to approach a girl at his college campus and get her number while still making sure that they are not being creepy about it.

Remember guys, this is all about calibrating your approach and being okay if she rejects you. Rejection is a part of life. And when you are approaching a girl that doesn’t know, you will find out that most of the time, you will get rejected. So you have to kinda get used to it.

But here’s the thing, approaching girls at a university is much better compared to bars or clubs. Because in clubs/bars, girls are constantly getting hit on and are being bought drinks all the time. Plus, you also have to navigate through all the group dynamics that you might not be very good at.

Think about it in terms of playing Counter Strike. At a university campus, you will be playing at an intermediate level. Which is still hard for most beginners, but it isn’t so hard that they just give up before even starting.

But if you are approaching a girl at a bar, you’re playing at Expert level. You have to make sure that your approach is on point or else you’re not getting her number or taking her home. You should also check out people like John Anthony Lifestyle and watch their infield videos so you can get an idea of how you should behave during these approaches.

He doesn’t focus on campus approaches but in most cases the overall formula is the same. And it is pretty simple. Most guys in pickup like to make things complicated, I think John makes things simple so that anyone can follow what he teaches. That’s the only reason I recommend him. Feel free to check him out.

So, without any further ado, here we go.


  1. Calibration is Key

Just like I said above, you have to make sure that you are calibrating your approach to the situation the girl is in. If you don’t, it will get really awkward real fast and that’s the type of approach that makes most girls cringe.

Because, sure, you had the balls to approach her which most guys don’t really have. But you also have to read the situation and calibrate to the situation to make it look effortless. In other words, calibrate so you can appear smooth.

This isn’t complicated though because in most cases your approaches will be 1-on-1. The girl either be coming or going to a class, or she will be going to her dorm room.

So, step 1 is to make sure that you are appearing as non-threatening as possible.


Because she isn’t expecting this.

John Anthony Lifestyle focuses on this a lot because if the girl feels threatened by you then you have lost before you even began.

So, avoid touching her in anyway because that almost always startles people.

If you are walking behind her and want to approach her from the front, walk faster than her and try to get at least 2-3 feet in front of her before you get her attention.

That way, you will give her enough space so it doesn’t feel uncomfortable to her.


  1. You Opener And Why You Are Talking to Her

These are 2 most important things.

Now that you have her attention, you have successfully completed part 1 of the equation. Now it all depends on how good of a conversationalist you are and if you can spike her emotions.

But first, you need to make sure that you are acknowledging the fact that this is unusual and kind of random.

So, before you say anything, make sure you are being respectful of her and saying something along the lines of, “Hey, I know this is random, but…” or you can say something like, “Hey, sorry to bother you, but…”

That way, she knows that you’re not some jerk that is trying to get her number. That you are respectful of her feelings and you are strong enough to acknowledge that this is random/weird.

By acknowledging that you are basically releasing the pressure of awkwardness that quickly sets in when 2 strangers meet.

So, why are you talking to her?

On college campuses girls get approached all the time. But in most cases, people who approach them are either trying to get them to sign a petition or they are trying recruit them for a religion.

So, there are 2 ways you can go about it.

You can either be direct and just come out and say something like, “I think you look really cute and I wanted to meet you real quick.”

Being direct, in my opinion, is the best way because girls don’t know why you are approaching them during daytime. So you have to make it super clear about your intentions. But the downside about this approach is that you can quickly get rejected as well.

The other way you can go is indirect. You can say something like, “I really dig your style and I had to come meet you real quick.”

Good thing about being indirect is that you are complimenting something about what they are wearing or something else that makes them feel good while also giving you the chance to go off on a tangent and talk about more things. That way, the conversation doesn’t end up being stale.


  1. Go Off On Tangents

I’m gonna give you a reality check alright.

Men love having a logical conversation. Conversation that is purely about information transfer, men are the best at it. They don’t waste too much time and the conversations they have solve problems.

But women, they love having an emotional conversation. Something that makes them feel something, whether that is excitement, sadness, etc. It is all about emotions.

Obviously you want to make sure the that girl you approach feels happy and excited when you meet her. You don’t want her to feel sad. And if you do, you shouldn’t be approaching girls my dude. Get some help.

So, conversations you are having with women should be emotionally engaging. So you should stay away from logical conversations unless she steers the conversation that way. Because there will be some girls that just like having a logical conversation.

Like John Anthony likes to say – go with the flow while still following the overall framework.

So, how do you make a conversation emotionally engaging for a girl?

Well, you could start with something simple like “So, what are you studying?”

Then you can follow it up with something like, “Nice! Are you doing it to get super rich or are you passionate about it?”

This makes the whole thing more emotional rather than you talking about the logical details about her major and why she chose to do it.

Once you are a couple minutes into the conversation, you could ask emotionally spiking questions like, “I always wanted to ask a girl this question, but I never have”

That will obviously raise the curiosity of the girl. She would want to know what that question is.

When she insists on what it is, you can ask her, “What do you think women really want in a man? 6 pack abs, a huge mansion, multiple supercars, or someone that brings chocolate ice cream at 2am whey are craving it”

That will allow you both to have a memorable conversation while also giving you multiple tangents to go off on that will let you know a lot more about her than just the major she chose in college.

The goal here is for both of you to feel like you are good friends already and that you won’t mind hanging out again maybe tomorrow or later in the week.


  1. Getting Her Number

As I said in the beginning, most girls you meet on the campus will be busy. So you will not be able to go on an instant date with most girls. If they have some other activity to do in the next hour, then the best thing you can do is get their phone number and text them to setup a date.

I will be honest, when you are approaching girls during the daytime, the best use of your time will be to get their numbers and setting up a date at a later time. That way, she doesn’t feel like you are dragging the whole thing and you can also get to know quickly whether she is open to going out on a date with you.

I learned this from John Anthony Lifestyle, he loves to make the whole thing efficient. That way, you can approach many girls while also being as efficient with your time as possible. Because lets be honest, we all have other things to do. We can’t all just spend the whole day approaching girls and talking to them.

We gotta work toward our own goals as well. Progress through life and things like that.

So, once you’ve had an emotionally engaging conversation with her for a couple minutes or maybe even 30 minutes, you can just ask her number and say that you would like to make plans to hang out with her later that day or that week.

You can say something simple like, “Hey, it was nice talking to you, we should hang out again soon, grab a cup of coffee.”

And if she says yes, you can say, “Cool, let me get your number and I’ll text you.”

Or something along those lines.

Remember, it’s not about what you say to get the number. It is about how emotionally engaging that whole interaction was for her. That will decide if she will want to meet up with you later or not.

And if she had a good impression of you, then she will be eagerly waiting for your text.